A Guide to Seducing the Male Species

Male Erogenous ZonesIf you are like many other women, then you want to make sure that you know how to please a man. Not just through saying the right things, but if things get intimate, also knowing where and how to touch him will set his world alight in an instant. Unfortunately we are neither born with this knowledge or taught it in school. In fact, it is somewhat of a taboo subject. Sure friends discuss it among friends but do they really know what they are doing?

What you need is a guide that you can refer to and learn how to seduce men the right way. To be able to confident in any situation with a man. You don’t need to be a size 8 to get the guys! It is all exposed in the Seduction Genie Guide. Click here to find out more about what the best erogenous zones for men are.

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Male Erogenous Zones: Women There are Some Things You May Be Missing

The stimulation of an erogenous zone is what adds pep to our sex lives. This is the difference between a crappy sex life and one filled with passion and wild fire. You cannot afford to have great sex without putting erogenous zones into perspective. Between the man and woman, these are areas of over 4 million sensitive nerve endings. Once these sensitive areas are stimulated, they whip up a storm of sensual pleasure and satisfaction. Needless to say, they have a special role to play in sexual arousal and excitement.

The vagina and anal area are well known female erogenous zones. However, the most famous remains the clitoris. The clitoris is brimming with nerve endings and becomes firm when massaged with the tip of the tongue or fingers. It is sensitive to touch and would set the pulse of any woman racing.

Male erogenous zones are fewer when compared to females. The major erogenous zone in man is the penis. There is also the anus, especially the entrance which also serves as a root to the man’s P-spot or the perineum. Men love getting attention from this area. Other erogenous zones are the glans head and the scrotum. It is not all men that like they scrotal sacks tantalized, for some it is more of pain than pleasure.

Stimulating a man goes beyond just teasing his penis, if you truly want to give a man sexual satisfaction, you will need to understand his entire body and learn how to please it. There are some hidden places that would take him to higher heights of ecstasy that the usual places you are used to.

Do you know that the armpit is a male erogenous zone? There are many places like this for the average male that can contribute in no small measure to his orgasm. If you really want to blow his mind and get him coming back for more, you will need to combine all these hot spots to stimulate him and make a very loud bang.

Once you get into foreplay, ensure that you work your way around his body and not just stick to a restricted area. Try his scalp; it is a big erogenous zone. Use your nails to give his head a gentle scratch. Do not forget his neck and ears. They are erogenous spots for your lips and tongue to tease. Nibble on his earlobes and kiss his ear as well, lick his neck too. Do not go down to hard, you do not want to leave him with a hickey that he might find hard to cover up at work.

By getting acquainted with lesser known male erogenous zones, you make your man’s orgasms stronger and more pleasurable. Find out what makes him blow his rocks off and use that knowledge to great effect.

4 Ways to Stimulate Male Erogenous Zones Without Having Sex

It is possible to stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones without having sex. It is helpful to do these things and not have it lead to sex all the time. It is crucial that you try to take the bond between you and your lover beyond physical intercourse and sexual activity. If you want to remain monogamous and ensure that you remain in a happy relationship for a long time, you have to learn to do things that spark sensual reactions without seminal fluids being exchanged.

Learn to eat breakfast naked in bed. Volunteer to take his bath or allow him shower you. These things might sound over the top. However, many couples have imbibed these things into their relationships and are living proof that it helps them connect even further. Here are 4 ways you can stimulate male erogenous zones without having sex.

Sensual Massage

Massages are incredibly sexy and stimulating. You might usually go for the obvious male erogenous zones. But do not neglect areas like his scalp, tummy, butt cheeks, inner thighs, arm pits and the back of his knees. These areas are hyper-sensitive. You can add some wet kisses or let your fingers play a musical note all over his body. Keep him in check by tying him to the bed post.

Be His Dancer

Be his private dancer. It is hot and sexy to dance for someone that you love and enjoy his company. Do the famous ‘bend down low and see my derriere dance’ with him in a front row seat, lapping it all up. Incorporate new and old school dance moves. You can seductively take off your clothes in front of him and reel him in on the act, like an innocent bystander. Do not forget to grind on his lap. And if he wants to take things further, get off and run away!

Phone Sex

Never underestimate the power of phone sex. It is a reminder that the mind is male erogenous zone we should stimulate and always put to work. If you are nervous or shy, try to read him a naughty story or watch a porn movie to build your confidence so that you know what to say. Together or apart, phone sex works magic every time it is put to work.


Men are easily aroused when you go for their feet. Give him a sensual foot massage. Ensure you focus on the heel and ankle areas. Each foot represents a half portion of his body. So go for both feet. Use a towel, thick lotion and knead with your thumbs.

Male Erogenous Zones: 4 Forgotten Areas Every Woman Should Master

Do you want to turn on your man and have him hit orgasmic heights every time? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, you will need to do much more than just fondle his penis and squeeze his scrotum.  Nowadays, men hardly find those male erogenous zones stimulating. It is crucial that you find ways of keeping your sex life sizzling and on the track. If not, you might have to deal with an affair or your man getting another woman to do your duty. Here are 4  forgotten  areas, many women are not aware of.  Follow them and prevent the passionate fire in you sex life from waning.

Mind Games

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is a power erogenous zone for men, so use it to your utmost benefit. Recent research shows that if a man’s mind can be stimulated, his body will automatically follow suit. So play those sensual mind games and take his sense of imagination to places unknown. This includes role-playing, speaking in languages other than English and talking dirty during sex.


Many men like their ears being touched. It is a forgotten area for most of them. But studies show that it can be used to stimulate and excite a man.  A woman just using her thumb and index finger around the area where a man’s ear lobe connects with tissue near his face can do wonders to a man.  Letting her fingers linger gently on his face, does more to a man’s 3rd leg than it could ever be imagined.

Back of the Knees

The back of the knees might be ticklish. However, they are also one of the forgotten male erogenous zones. The skin there is smoother than other parts of the body. Men love to be stroked and kissed there. Research shows that areas with little or no hair are more sensitive to a man and easily build sexual tension for greater orgasmic release. For every woman interested in doing this, gently touch the back of your lover’s knees and draw light circles with your hands and see what happens.

Inner Thighs

A man’s inner thighs can get him in a sexual mood and lightning fast too. This is the area where his ‘jewels’ reside. So when you slowly move your hands around this area, you tease him greatly. Move your index and middle fingers around his inner thighs, pressing your palm consistently against his flesh before you start to work your magic with your fingers again. You cannot go wrong.

7 of the Most Stimulating Male Erogenous Zones

If you are having sex with your male partner then it is very critical to learn about the male erogenous zones. These zones should be well-tackled because they can be very tricky. Whenever you are in bed and doing the lovemaking acts, try to perform different varieties to express your passion and your desire to your male partner. By doing this, you will be able to send a silent message to him, telling him that you really want and love him. Learn all of these zones and spots and your guy will definitely appreciate you for doing these magical tricks on the following zones:


This part of a man’s body is one of the male erogenous zones that have thousands if not millions of nerve endings. Take time to rub the ears of your guy with slow and firm movements. The earlobes should be gently squeezed. Kiss and lick the inside and outside parts of the ears and you’ll see how your man will be turned on and want you even more.


When a man’s neck is kissed, this will definitely turn him on, remember that. Suck and lick the neck too and you’ll find him truly become feverish with more emotions and feelings of liking you even more. You can also leave a mark on his neck by means of a soft bite. This part of his body should be treated gently with a good touch of aggression to make him even wild.


This is of course one of the most popular male erogenous zones. Kissing your man the passionate way and sometimes the aggressive way will show him you are so hungry for his love. For sure, he’ll find himself lost for a while and start to wonder what’ll going to happen next.


Massage and kiss the chest of your man and you’ll find him moaning with ecstasy. This is especially true when you start soft-biting, sucking, licking, and nibbling at his nipples.

Penis’ Glans Head

This is definitely one of the male erogenous zones. This part needs to be treated gently as the gentle you are the harder his penis becomes and this is definitely a great sign of turn on or arousal on his part. Lick, suck, and kiss this part and you’ll have him crave for you even more.


The scrotum is the sac or the skin that covers the testicles. This zone of a man is very sensitive especially when you play with it erotically. Lick and suck the scrotum and put them inside your mouth sometimes would truly make him wild and go crazy for you.


This is a specific zone between the anus and the scrotum of a guy. Take time to massage this area the gentle and passionate way and you can truly bring out the wildness of a man in him. Fondle this area before the orgasm to give him a more satisfying sexualexperience. The perineum is definitely one of the best male erogenous zones you should try considering when you want to arouse your guy a hundred percent.